Trevor Manternach

Day 4: thorny Not actually a thorn, but the closest thing I could find! #mbmay

Day 3: experimental Last year I designed my first printed circuit board. Learned so much! #mbmay

Day 2: photo From our last vacation before the pandemic. We miss 🇨🇦! #mbmay

Day 1: switch 1969 pinball machine. Everything is a switch. #mbmay

AdGuard Wildcard DNS with Nginx Proxy Manager

I started using Nginx Proxy Manger at home recently and found a fast and easy way to add internal domains to it. Here is a simple walkthrough. Prerequisites You need to be using AdGuard Home for DNS You want to quickly add new domains to Nginx Proxy Manager AdGuard Home setup In the AdGuard Home …

I didn’t even know Nintendo Switch Sports was coming out. Spent the $40 immediately this morning. I have very fond memories of Wii Sports; hoping my kids can feel the same way about this new version! 🎾 ⚽ 🎳 🎮

My first nice pen ever, the limited edition Mark One. Loving the color even more than I thought I would!

Trying to figure out a sprinkler system when it’s entirely buried in the ground is just lovely. 🤥