Trevor Manternach

Day 28: fair This horse carousel reminds me of a county fair. #mbmay

Day 27: written One of my favorite albums, Happy Endings from Old Dominion. #mbmay

Day 26: schedule Some Schedule 40 pipe from my garage. I just realized I have no idea why they use the word “schedule”. #mbmay

Day 25: mountain As a teenager I was addicted to Mountain Dew. Collected so many boxes I built an igloo! 🤦🏻‍♂️ #mbmay

Day 24: intricate I have a Rowe jukebox that came with the original manual. I love how intricate the diagrams are! #mbmay

Day 23: plain Taken a few years ago. I love the plains. #mbmay

Day 22: textile Cool blanket in the sun I found today. #mbmay

Day 21: symmetry T for Trevor. #mbmay

Day 20: beverage Coffee is my worst addiction. #mbmay

Day 19: indulgence I can’t open a sleeve of saltine crackers with eating them all. #mbmay

Day 18: random A little Random-Access Memory for today’s photo. #mbmay

Day 17: hold My bike riding has been on hold this Spring. Just got the new tubes I ordered today. Can’t wait! #mbmay

Day 16: time I love neon signs. #mbmay

Day 15: clouds Old cassette tape from my dad’s pickup when I inherited it. #mbmay

Day 14: fence From last summer’s demolition derby. He climbed the fence for a better view. #mbmay

Day 13: community My kid enjoyed watching the community kids play basketball as he took a breather. #mbmay

Day 12: tranquility I’ve really been enjoying the Mindful Cooldown exercises on Apple Fitness+. #mbmay

Day 11: maroon I don’t have a lot of maroon in my life it turns out. Found this rug at work this morning. #mbmay

Day 10: pot This flower pot before I removed the dead leaves. I don’t have the greenest thumb! #mbmay

It’s peacefully raining right now and there is a bird just having the time of its life singing. It feels like a meditation sound recording. 🌦️ 🐦 🎵

Day 9: bloom Trimmed these hedges over the weekend. #mbmay

Day 8: union Union always makes me thing of trains. We played with our old electric train set last night and found this “union”. #mbmay

Day 7: park This is from last summer. Found a cool park in the next town over that has some fun colorful equipment! 🐜 #mbmay

Day 6: silhouette #mbmay

Day 5: earth We bought a globe a couple weeks ago. I am terrible with geography and would like to improve. #mbmay