Trevor Manternach

Day 19: indulgence

I can’t open a sleeve of saltine crackers with eating them all. #mbmay

Day 18: random

A little Random-Access Memory for today’s photo. #mbmay

Day 17: hold

My bike riding has been on hold this Spring. Just got the new tubes I ordered today. Can’t wait! #mbmay

Day 16: time

I love neon signs. #mbmay

Day 15: clouds

Old cassette tape from my dad’s pickup when I inherited it. #mbmay

Day 14: fence

From last summer’s demolition derby. He climbed the fence for a better view. #mbmay

Day 13: community

My kid enjoyed watching the community kids play basketball as he took a breather. #mbmay

Day 12: tranquility

I’ve really been enjoying the Mindful Cooldown exercises on Apple Fitness+. #mbmay

Day 11: maroon

I don’t have a lot of maroon in my life it turns out. Found this rug at work this morning. #mbmay

Day 10: pot

This flower pot before I removed the dead leaves. I don’t have the greenest thumb! #mbmay

It’s peacefully raining right now and there is a bird just having the time of its life singing. It feels like a meditation sound recording. 🌦️ 🐦 🎵

Day 9: bloom

Trimmed these hedges over the weekend. #mbmay

Day 8: union

Union always makes me thing of trains. We played with our old electric train set last night and found this “union”. #mbmay

Day 7: park

This is from last summer. Found a cool park in the next town over that has some fun colorful equipment! 🐜 #mbmay

Day 6: silhouette


Day 5: earth

We bought a globe a couple weeks ago. I am terrible with geography and would like to improve. #mbmay

Day 4: thorny

Not actually a thorn, but the closest thing I could find! #mbmay

Day 3: experimental

Last year I designed my first printed circuit board. Learned so much! #mbmay

Day 2: photo

From our last vacation before the pandemic. We miss 🇨🇦! #mbmay

Day 1: switch

1969 pinball machine. Everything is a switch. #mbmay close-up photo of a 1969 pinball machine switch

AdGuard Wildcard DNS with Nginx Proxy Manager

I started using Nginx Proxy Manger at home recently and found a fast and easy way to add internal domains to it. Here is a simple walkthrough.


AdGuard Home setup

In the AdGuard Home web interface, go to Filters->DNS rewrites.

Screenshot of DNS rewrite options on AdGuard Home

Click Add DNS rewrite and enter something like *.home in the domain name field.

Enter the IP address of your NPM host and click Save.

Nginx Proxy Manager

Screenshot of Nginx Proxy Manager

There really isn’t anything special to do in NPM. Just add a Proxy Host and in the domain names field you can enter anything as long as it ends in .home (or whatever you chose for a wildcard). www.home even works!

Another little feature I discovered while setting this up is that I can add multiple domain names for each proxy host. So adguard.home and dns.home can both get me to the same place. This helps when I can’t remember the name of a service, or when you can software you can keep using something like dashboard.home for your dashboard of choice.

I didn’t even know Nintendo Switch Sports was coming out. Spent the $40 immediately this morning. I have very fond memories of Wii Sports; hoping my kids can feel the same way about this new version! 🎾 ⚽ 🎳 🎮

My first nice pen ever, the limited edition Mark One. Loving the color even more than I thought I would!

Trying to figure out a sprinkler system when it’s entirely buried in the ground is just lovely. 🤥