Trevor Manternach

I got my first electric toothbrush and was blown away at how forceful it is. Not in a bad way, and I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely surprised me! 🪥

Making some popcorn at the local movie theatre tonight. I love this old Manley machine! 🦖🦕

I avoided all of the WWDC rumors that I could over the last couple of weeks; I wanted to try to enter the keynote with no expectations. Not entirely sure how I feel about everything that was (or wasn’t) discussed yet, though. Still soaking it all in. Macbook Air looks great!

I just filled my coffee pot up for the morning. And then hit the “On” button instead of the “Schedule” button. They are right next to each other, it was bound to happen eventually! ☕

My iPod history

Last month Apple announced the end of the iPod. I thought it might be fun to document my history with the product. – I got my first iPod in March 2005. I believe I bought mine at Best Buy on a weekend trip 350 miles away from home. I was listening to a lot of podcasts in those early days and …

Day31: endurance I bought an exercise bike last month to try to build some endurance. It made me realize how out of shape I am! #mbmay

Day 30: fish Only fish I could find today. From our “art” door to our pantry. #mbmay

Day 29: stripes One room in our basement is wood paneling. Maybe if we wait long enough it will come back into style? 😂 #mbmay

Day 28: fair This horse carousel reminds me of a county fair. #mbmay

Day 27: written One of my favorite albums, Happy Endings from Old Dominion. #mbmay

Day 26: schedule Some Schedule 40 pipe from my garage. I just realized I have no idea why they use the word “schedule”. #mbmay

Day 25: mountain As a teenager I was addicted to Mountain Dew. Collected so many boxes I built an igloo! 🤦🏻‍♂️ #mbmay

Day 24: intricate I have a Rowe jukebox that came with the original manual. I love how intricate the diagrams are! #mbmay

Day 23: plain Taken a few years ago. I love the plains. #mbmay

Day 22: textile Cool blanket in the sun I found today. #mbmay

Day 21: symmetry T for Trevor. #mbmay

Day 20: beverage Coffee is my worst addiction. #mbmay

Day 19: indulgence I can’t open a sleeve of saltine crackers with eating them all. #mbmay

Day 18: random A little Random-Access Memory for today’s photo. #mbmay

Day 17: hold My bike riding has been on hold this Spring. Just got the new tubes I ordered today. Can’t wait! #mbmay

Day 16: time I love neon signs. #mbmay

Day 15: clouds Old cassette tape from my dad’s pickup when I inherited it. #mbmay

Day 14: fence From last summer’s demolition derby. He climbed the fence for a better view. #mbmay

Day 13: community My kid enjoyed watching the community kids play basketball as he took a breather. #mbmay

Day 12: tranquility I’ve really been enjoying the Mindful Cooldown exercises on Apple Fitness+. #mbmay